The Union Triangle Neighborhood

Victorian House in the Union Triangle Neighborhood, Schenectady, NYHouse Styles

The Union Triangle Neighborhood is a virtual museum of turn-of-the-century architecture. As you stroll our streets, you'll notice astonishing variety and also some startling shifts in architectural styles.

Most of the houses in the Union Triangle were constructed during a time of rapid change. Builders and fashion-conscious homeowners often embellished buildings with features of several different styles. A Queen Anne may take on characteristics of the Colonial Revival style. Romanesque styling may blend with Shingle details. Or, a modest two-family house might combine Victorian features with twentieth century ideas.

Each building tells a unique story based on the whims of the architect, the needs of the residents, and the fashion of the moment. Look at our homes closely, and you'll discover these important styles:

You'll also find some of the City's oldest and best-preserved examples of modest working class homes: