The Union Triangle Neighborhood

"Stick" Style

Some of the oldest homes in Schenectady's Union Triangle Neighborhood illustrate the Victorian style known as "Stick." Built before 1890, these homes have steeply pitched gables, overhanging eaves with exposed rafter ends, and wooden wall cladding (shingles or boards) interrupted by raised boards (stickwork) in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal patterns.

Stick Style Victorian in Schenectady, NY
813 Union Street
Vertical, horizontal, and diagonal stickwork ornament the
facade of this Victorian home. Originally, the house was probably
painted several colors to accent the patterned wood details.

Stick styling was less popular than more ornate styles of the time. Relatively few buildings were constructed in this tradition, and the detailing that distinguishes the Stick style is often lost when homeowners add modern siding. Fortunately, several Stick buildings in the Union Triangle Neighborhood remain intact.

Stick Style Victorian House
1096 Gillespie Street
The patterned wood walls show the influence of "Stick" styling.

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