The Union Triangle Neighborhood

Shingle Style

The last decade of the nineteenth century also brought the casual, free-form "Shingle" Style. The Shingle style is markedly less ornate than Queen Anne and other Victorian styles. You won't find lavish decorative details on the doors, cornices, porches, or wall surfaces. Instead, the Shingle Style aims for the effect of a complex, asymmetrical shape enclosed within smooth shingled walls. Rough-faced stone is often used for foundations, porches, and towers.

Shingle Style Victorian house in Schenectady, NY
1064 University Place
Shingle style houses often have
shingle siding combined with rusticated stone.

Primarily a high-fashion style for seaside resort homes, Shingle architecture was rarely used in middle class neighborhoods. Nevertheless, Schenectady's Union Triangle Neighborhood offers several impressive examples of the Shingle style.

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