The Union Triangle Neighborhood

Richardsonian Romanesque Style

During the early 1880s, the innovative Boston architect Henry Hobson Richardson became famous for designing rugged stone buildings with broad Roman arches. His designs were best suited for large public buildings, but some builders borrowed Richardson's ideas to construct imposing custom-designed homes in a style that became known as "Richardsonian Romanesque."

Richardsonian Romanesque house in Schenectady, NY
1077 University Place
Rough-faced stone and broad Roman arches are
hallmarks of the Richardsonian Romanesque style.

Richardsonian Romanesque homes feature rough-faced, square stonework and wide, rounded (Romanesque) arches. The massive stone walls made these homes expensive to construct.

Visitors to the Union Triangle Neighborhood will find several landmark examples of the grand Romanesque style alongside more economical Victorian homes executed in wood.

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