The Union Triangle Neighborhood

Queen Anne Style

Many homes in the Union Triangle Neighborhood were constructed during the 1880s, a time when Queen Anne architecture was the height of fashion. Queen Anne was a style of the machine age, made possible by new technologies. Builders often lavished these homes with pattered shingles, decorative moldings, and other mass-produced, pre-cut details.

Queen Anne style house
1019 Wendell Avenue
The round turret and wraparound porch are typical
of the Queen Anne house style. Originally, this home was
probably painted several colors to highlight the architectural details.

You can recognize a Queen Anne home by its complicated, asymmetrical shape. Many have round turrets or large bay windows. Some Queen Anne homes also have detailed spindlework or "gingerbread" embellishments. Some are constructed of masonry with patterned brickwork over windows and doors.

Brick Queen Anne style house
1113 Union Street
Brickwork forms a pattern around the oval window
and the arched widow in the dormer.

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