1019 Wendell Avenue, Schenectady, NY

The Union Triangle Neighborhood

Schenectady, New York

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Help for Homeowners and Renters

Do you have a problem or a complaint? Need help repairing and restoring your older home? Try these resources.

Garbage Collection

Garbage & Litter Problems
The Department of Neighborhood Revitalization helps enforce City Codes and helps neighborhoods clean up buildings and yards that are unsightly, unsafe, or unsanitary.
Phone: (518)382-5144 Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Noise Complaints
For complaints about noise, parties, barking dogs, and other nuisance matters, call the police non-emergency number: 382-5264

Parking Violations
Cars may not block driveways, park across sidewalks, or park on front lawns. To report illegally parked cars, call the police non-emergency number: 382-5264

Safety and Neighborhood Watch
We are the first defense against crime in our neighborhood. If you see possible drug trafficking or any type of suspicious activity, please immediately notify the Schenectady Police.

Anonymous Crime Tip Line

Police Non-Emergency Phone Number: (518)382-5264
For emergencies, call 911

Neighborhood Watch

Home Renovations
The Union Triangle Neighborhood is a locally zoned historic district. Any changes to building exteriors, including exterior painting, must be approved by the Schenectady Historic Commission. Members of the Commission include architects and other experts who can help you make important decisions about your remodeling project. For applications or information, contact the Schenectady Department of Development: 382-5147 or 382-5054.

Tips for Landlords

Tips for Tenants

Community Resources

Other Helpful Information:

Union College Security
Tom Constantine, Assistant Director of Safety and Security

Schenectady Historic Commission
The Union Triangle Neighborhood is a locally-zoned historic district.  Always make sure that you receive a Certificate of Approval before you begin work on the exterior of your home.
Application for Certificate of Approval

About the Historic Commission

Free Trees for Your Street
ReTree Schenectady

How-To Guides

History and Genealogy


Schenectady 2020 Comprehensive Plan
See plans for the Union Street area, which includes the Union Triangle Neighborhood.