The Union Triangle Neighborhood

Arts and Crafts (Craftsman)

In the early 1900s, the Arts and Crafts movement began to reshape American homes. Instead of using factory-made ornaments, builders emphasized simple structural elements such as roof rafters, brackets, and ceiling beams. Homes with Arts and Crafts details are often called "Craftsman" after the popular Craftsman magazine published by the furniture designer, Gustav Stickley.

Prairie Box House in Schenectady NY
1080 University Place
This Foursquare, or Prairie Box, home has
exposed roof rafters and other Arts and Crafts details.

Arts and Crafts details combine with several styles in the white brick home at 1080 University Place. The wide eaves and exposed roof rafters are hallmarks of Arts and Crafts, or Craftsman, design. The square shape, low roof, and horizontal lines are characteristic of the Prairie style pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright. And, finally, there's a hint of Mission style architecture in the interestingly-shaped dormer.

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