The Union Triangle Neighborhood

Colonial Revival Styles

As the century turned, Victorian architecture began to streamline. Architects and builders were drawing on ideas borrowed from America's Colonial past. Simple, symmetrical shapes combined with classical details such as pilasters and pediments.

Colonial Revival house in Schenectady, NY
1072 University Place
This Colonial Revival home has a symmetrical foursquare
shape, pilasters, and other classical details.

The development of the Union Triangle Neighborhood illustrates America's movement away from Victorian embellishments. Homes on Gillespie Street are predominantly Queen Anne, while houses constructed just a few years later show increasingly more Colonial Revival influences. The contrast of architectural styles within our four-block neighborhood shows a dramatic shift in the way Americans thought and lived as the country moved into the twentieth century.

Colonial Revival house in Schenectady, NY
1035 Park Avenue
This early example of Colonial Revival styling has a front-facing
gambrel roof and a round portico.

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