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1998 Yamaha Royal Star

"N2 IT"

Houston, TX

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I purchased this Royal Star new in March of 1998.  The bike was ridden hard for more than 2 years.  It was looking a little worn and the engine needed some work.  I took the bike to my long time friend and technician Frank Briggs at Ks Motor sports in December 2001


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The Engine:
  • The cylinders were bored out at PCW Racing in Schenectady New York to accept a Weisco 10.5 to 1 1394cc big bore kit that was purchased from Orient Express Racing .
  • PCW Racing installed stainless steel 1.5mm oversized intake and exhaust valves in the heads for more flow.
  • At PCW Racing the heads were bowl ported, polished, decked and a serdi 3 angle valve job was done for maximum airflow.
  • The intakes with the K&N air filters were designed and hand made of aluminum by John Ganey of PCW Racing.
  • The carburetion is a one off special fabrication of 4 36mm flat slide Mikuni carbs designed and hand built by John Ganey at PCW Racing.
  • Cams and valve springs are off the shelf factory parts for a Yamaha V-max.
  • The crankshaft was sent to Falicon Crankshafts in Clearwater Florida were it was balanced, blueprinted polished, and the crank cheeks were knife edged. V-max rods were also installed to handle the extra stress from the 116-rw hp that the engine pumps out.
  • A Pingle high flow fuel petcock was added to the stock fuel tank to insure adequate fuel delivery to the larger carburetors.
  • The ignition is a Dyna 3000 with stock Yamaha ignition coils.
  • The bike dynoed 116- rear wheel h.p at 8000 rpm with 88 ft lbs of torque at 4000 rpm.
  • The stock rear end was favored over the V-max ring and pinion and re-installed
  • The total customization process took 2 years and 6 months.

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The Story:
  • I like the Royal Star as a cruiser it is a solid ride. I knew I wanted something a little different but wanted to keep the stock look. I told Frank to completely disassemble the bike and start from the ground up. That is how the whole customization process began and the bike got its name N2 IT. ( IN TO IT )
  • Frank Briggs at Ks Motorsports performed all engine and motorcycle assembly.
  • Ks Motor sports had the frame, handle bars, front end, swing arm, forward controls and engine cases sent out and powder coated gloss black.
  • The handle bar switch housings and rear brake caliper were sent out and chromed at Barons in Fallbrook California.
  • The 17inch Wizard rims, brake calipers and rotors were purchased from RC components in Bowling Green Kentucky.
  • A 17inch x 70x 170 Metzler ME-880 was used for the rear tire and a 17inch x70x 150 Metzler Z4 was used for the front.
  • The front suspension was lowered 1.5 inches and gold valve emulators were installed for a better ride.
  • A new rear shock from Yamaha was installed and the rear of the bike was lowered 1.5 inches. The bike actually handles well in corners now with the 17inch rims and Metzler tires.
  • A radio caddy fairing from the Trike Shop was installed for rider protection. For some quality sound Frank installed a Kenwood CD player and two 6-inch Kenwood marine speakers in the fairing. The sound system totally rocks.
  • The paint was applied by Joe of Joes bikes and boards in Spring Texas. The maroon is the factory Yamaha color for the bike in 1998.
  • The rear taillight and turn signal assembly was removed and a teardrop LED was added at Mike Millburn’s in Pasadena Texas.
  • Frank Briggs designed the special side mount license plate bracket. The LED was added to illuminate the license plate.
  • The forward controls and differential cover came from Pro-One in Pomona California.
  • The tachometer and suspension lowering kits are from Barons custom accessories.
  • The gold valve emulators are from Race Tech.
  • Special thanks goes out to technician Frank Briggs, service manager Shane Stubbs and Jeremy Peterson of Ks Motor sports in Humble Texas for their patience and dedication to see the project completed.
  • Special Thanks goes out to John Ganey owner and custom bike builder of PCW racing for all the machine work performed on the heads, cylinders and the special one of a kind hand fabricated 36mm Mikuni carburetors and intakes.