1500cc High Performance Engine Kits

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1500cc Tour Master Engine Kit:

1500cc Piston Kit with sleeves - 11.3 to 1 Compression Ratio

03 Camshaft kit (core required)

Adjustable camshaft sprockets (core required)

Heavy duty camshaft chain set

Heavy duty valve spring kit

New Heavy Duty clutch spring

Re-work stock rods, mag, shot peen and bush ( core required)

Block machining, install sleeves, deck, bore and hone

Stage One head porting and flow work

Engine paper gaskets, main and rod bearing kit

Copper head gasket set

Oil filter break - in oil, plugs, and coolant

K & N drop in filter

Jet kit with titanium needles

Assembly, cam timing, valve adjustment, install jet kit & dyno time

1500cc Tour Master Total = $ 4950.00

To make the Tour Master function as described here, you must equip your bike with a good quality, after market header. The Hindle or the Kerker will function well. It is also important to understand that the engine will produce more power with a larger less restrictive baffle installed. The best way to achieve this power without all the noise is with one of the carbon fiber canisters that are available. We also recommend that if you have a pre 1990 V-Max that you invest in a new starter that has FOUR brushes instead of two. The nature of these big engines requires a strong starter, a good battery, and a well maintained bike.

1500cc and 1570cc Long Rod Kits

(Chain Drive Only!)

This engine has the same basic parts as the Tour Master except the compression ratio has been increased and we must use the Carrillo alloy connecting rods. The piston forging used is shorter and lighter for higher RPM use. This engine also requires Stage Two or Stage Three open chamber heads to function correctly. With the correct camshaft set, carburetion, (we recommend the 41mm FCR Downdraft Smoothbore) and pipe combination this engine can produce the magic 200 rear wheel horse power number!

Long Rod Engine Kit - less FCR Carb prices start = $6,500

Please call our sales office for a more detailed explanation of the components and the pricing of the Long rod motor. The pricing does not include the chain drive modification cost.